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Oct 7, 2019  |  Articles

Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer: What’s the Difference?

Many CPO’s and CSCO’s today complain about being overwhelmed with the amount of internal and external data they are being asked to analyze to create improved supply chain outcomes. The volume and velocity of data streaming at us is increasing […]

Oct 3, 2019  |  Articles

How Blockchain Technology Could Reshape Supply Chain Management

This article was originally written and published by Carson Powell on the Poole College of Management news website here. Blockchains are shared distributed ledgers — digital records of the events that occur in any supply chain (Handfield). Blockchains can’t be […]

Sep 29, 2019  |  Articles

What does the global trade chess board look like lately ?

Global trade is becoming more and more confusing, given the vast array of different tariffs, trade wars, 301’s, customs duties, and other shifts in global trade. I had the opportunity to speak with a few different industry experts this week, […]

Sep 22, 2019  |  Director's Blog

Data Quality Is Critical To The Supply Chain Function – Did Someone Forget To Ask?

This blog post is co-written by my colleague Joseph Yacura, who came up with the brilliant idea when we were chatting yesterday! Data quality and governance has always been “important” to the supply chain function, but today it is “critical”.  […]

Sep 17, 2019

Exploring and Preparing for a Career in Supply Chain

by Caleb White, SCRC Marketing and Communications Student Intern Over the last several years, North Carolina State University has become one of the top supply chain schools in the nation. And for good reason: students are taught by the best […]

Sep 17, 2019

Katie Aten BS’20

Name: Katie Aten From: Waxhaw, NC Course of Study: Business Administration, Supply Chain & Operations Concentration Year: Senior Graduation: May 2020 How did you end up deciding to study supply chain at NC State? When I first came to NC […]

Sep 17, 2019

The Continued Impact of NC State Supply Chain on UPS’ Vision and Strategy

In an interview with Poole College Marketing and Communications earlier this year, Brian Carrier, VP of Supply Chain Innovation at UPS Supply Chain Solutions, discussed his company’s new partnership with NC State’s Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC), including how they […]

Sep 13, 2019  |  Articles

Advice to Students Getting Ready for Internship Recruiting Season: Put Away Your Cell Phones!

Editor’s Note: This post is to address a more overarching need and general approach towards professional etiquette, and is not directed towards the use of cell phones during the college’s recruiting events themselves. Students have been instructed to use the Career […]

Sep 7, 2019  |  Articles

Physician Preference Cards: The Key to Hospital Low Inventory Utilization and Waste

Almost every hospital or IDN faces significant challenges in managing their operating room inventory, which can be traced to a simple concept:  utilization.  Utilization is simply a ratio of the $ value of clinical purchases BILLED to patients or insurance, […]

Sep 5, 2019

Nikhil Singh MBA’20: My Summer Internship at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Nikhil Singh is a supply chain MBA student at NC State, and is an SCRC Graduate Research Assistant (GRA). He is also president of the NC State Graduate Supply Chain Club, a McLauchlan Leadership Fellow, a Jenkins Career Management Peer Coach, […]