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Thought Leaders

The SCRC’s thought leaders have decades of experience across various industries such as agriculture, chemical, energy, pharmaceutical, bioscience, healthcare, logistics, and transportation. Their industry engagement includes companies such as Bank of America, Nortel, GlaxoSmithKline, AT&T, and Chevron.

Our Faculty

NC State is unique in its breadth of faculty with supply chain expertise.

Our faculty’s industry prowess — along with a passion for helping students and businesses grow — makes them invaluable contributors to NC State’s research-learning initiatives.

Constantly in touch with business leaders in their field, they stay current on industry practices by facilitating SCRC-sponsored projects and leading industry roundtables. They’re dedicated to providing experiential learning that prepares career-ready graduates. And they’ve published award-winning books and hundreds of research articles.

Engaged Faculty Leaders

Our faculty leaders actively engage in the supply chain industry to increase and diversify the SCRC’s base of supporting companies. Their involvement provides an ongoing source of supply-chain information, and helps students advance through hands-on learning.

Executive Advising Team

SCRC executive advisors in Hunt Library

Our executive advisors have years of experience working in the supply chain industry and solving big problems through innovative means. They help industry professionals from companies like Caterpillar and Eisai become trusted advisors and cost-savings enablers.

Working with our SCRC partner companies, such as Advance Auto Parts, American Red Cross, Bayer, Duke Energy, Lenovo, UNC Healthcare, RJ Reynolds, and Accenture, they lead the student practicum project teams that bring insight into the blend of academic study and practical industry experience.