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Ethical Apparel Index

The Ethical Apparel Index will support the development of a transparency mechanism to promote ethical production in global apparel supply chains.

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The Importance of Ethical Apparel

Unethical working conditions among apparel supply chains have been a challenge for brands in their pursuit of corporate social responsibility. As the demand for conscious apparel production increases, consumers expect brands to demonstrate transparency.

The Ethical Apparel Index will promote sustainable practices by identifying unethical working conditions and communicating those findings to consumers, investors and other supply chain stakeholders. 

This research will also recognize brands and manufacturers who promote sustainability and connect consumers with ethically produced goods.

About the Team

Our team of thought leaders bring a deep well of perspectives to generate real-word solutions for the challenges surrounding ethical apparel production. 

Ethical Apparel Team
Graduate students talk in the board room at the college of management. Photo by Marc Hall

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