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About the EAI

The Ethical Apparel Index is a framework aimed at promoting ethical production and inspiring social responsibility in the global apparel supply industry.

For decades, unethical working conditions among apparel supply chains have been a challenge for brands’ in their pursuit of corporate social responsibility.

As consumers become increasingly conscious about how their goods are made, real-world issues like modern slavery conditions for workers and reputational risk for brands demand attention. 

The goal of the Ethical Apparel Index (EAI) is to promote ethical production in global apparel supply chains by undertaking research that supports the development of a transparency mechanism – a system to reward stakeholders who uphold conscientious practices. 

The EAI will serve as an objective indicator of fair labor standards and working conditions in apparel factories, and communicate those benchmarks to consumers and supply chain stakeholders. This website will provide an update on our work, and keep the public and our stakeholders informed of our progress.