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Importance of Ethical Apparel / Project Mission

The Ethical Apparel Index (EAI) serves as an objective indicator of fair labor standards and working conditions in factories. These conditions are largely defined by the primary conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) labor standards.

Unethical working conditions among apparel supply chains have been a challenge for brands in their pursuit of corporate social responsibility. This dysfunctional state of affairs is responsible for modern slavery conditions for workers, opportunity loss for factory owners, reputational risk for brands and confusion among consumers who seek products that are produced ethically.

In our research, we propose to develop an index that summarizes indicators of forced labor and slavery in factories, violations of minimum and living wages, standard building safety and housing conditions, and freedom of association.  The EAI will effectively identify unethical working conditions and communicate those findings to consumers, brands, investors and other supply chain stakeholders.

This tool will also pinpoint conscientious brands, investors, and other stakeholders, and ultimately connect consumers with ethically manufactured goods.