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Kamrin Kuenzel

Kamrin Zoë Kuenzel is a graduate (2022) of NC State University’s
School of Textiles with a bachelor degree in fashion and textile management and
concentration in fashion development and product management.

At an early age, Kamrin was recognized as the Senior Visual Artist of the year and had her art featured in the NC Museum of Art. She has worked for student organization RED-i as a photographer and videographer to document meaningful and unique events in university history.

With an early interest in drawing, painting, and photography, naturally, an interest in textiles progressed as her education advanced. She has furthered her
fascination with art into work in graphic design for brand management, as well as
computer-aided design for product development.

Kamrin’s interests also extend to ethical entrepreneurship and supply chain
management. Drawn to the possibilities of innovation and sustainability,
Kamrin is committed to make them the focus of her career in the world of fashion and design.

Inspired by her work in film, photography, and other forms of design, she strives to mesh early ideals of garment fabrication with new methods and technology.