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Mar 19, 2023  |  Director's Blog

Introduction to… Planning for the Inevitable: The Role of the Federal Supply Chain in Preparing for National Emergencies

This is another blog from my colleague Rajinder Bhandal.  Keep them coming! March 2023  Reflecting on the year 2010!  Back in 2010, Professor Rob Handfield produced a report titled ‘Planning for the Inevitable: The Role of the Federal Supply Chain […]

Mar 16, 2023  |  Articles

Using Spend Analysis to Understand Supply Chain Risks

A comprehensive understanding of spending patterns in the business is a function of the enterprise’s ability to capture data in a meaningful way.  The importance of conducting a thorough analysis of spend was emphasized in an interview with a Big […]

Feb 27, 2023  |  Director's Blog

Global Independence: Reimagining the “What if Scenario”

Here’s another blog from my colleague, Rajinder Bhandal from Leeds University.  She had a chance to speak with Pete Guinto, another colleague of mine at Resilinc.  Here’s a summary of their conversation… Can the notion of global independence help contribute […]

Feb 20, 2023  |  Articles

A Brief History of B2B Data Sharing – and What’s In Store

Craig Lukasik has been busy!  This is his third guest blog on Supply Chain View From the Field.   And it’s good one!  Data sharing sounds good in theory – but there is a lot more to it, as we […]

Feb 13, 2023  |  Articles

How can sales determine what is important to procurement when selling to them?

I am working on a new book focused on the sales and procurement relationship in supply chains with my friend Howard Richman, who has a wealth of experience working for companies like Merck, Citrix, and others.  I am publishing a […]

Jan 28, 2023  |  Director's Blog

Can you WFH & Walk?

This is the second guest blog from Craig Lukasik , an MBA supply chain graduate from the Poole College of Management’s supply chain program.  In this thought piece he debates the value of work from home programs vs. being there […]

Jan 22, 2023  |  Articles

“All You Need Is Love”: Unpacking the book “Flow: How The Best Supply Chains Thrive”

A Guest Blog by Rajinder Bhandal Ph.D., University of Leeds My colleague Rajinder provides a thoughtful commentary on our most recent book publication: Flow: How The Best Supply Chains Thrive, Rob Handfield, PhD and Tom Linton. Here are her thoughts […]

Jan 18, 2023  |  Director's Blog

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”: The argument for creating an analytics culture

The following is a guest blog from Craig Lukasik , one of my former MBA students from the Poole College of Management’s supply chain program.  I was really pleased when he contacted me about this blog, and am delighted to […]

Jan 1, 2023  |  Articles

Ten Supply Chain Predictions for 2023

As we go into the first week of 2023, many are wondering what’s ahead for global commerce and supply chains.  As I’ve done in prior years, I’ll make a few predictions based on what happened in 2022 – and what […]

Dec 15, 2022  |  Director's Blog

As Inventories and Capacity Expansion Grew Too Quickly in 2022, Customers are Forcing Suppliers to Bear the Brunt of Optimistic Forecasts

In today’s Wall Street Journal, I was interviewed regarding a case that was just filed against Amazon by a large robotics , claiming that the e-commerce giant backed away from promises made early in the Covid-19 pandemic to support the […]