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Jan 12, 2021  |  Articles

Nike’s Bold Shift to eCommerce Paying Off (but Not for Retailers)

While Nike is dramatically lessening its store locations, it is prevailing through the practice of digitalization and online strategies. This shift to electronic sales is inexorable and now integrated into the company’s very infrastructure.  Today, Nike Digital makes up a […]

Apr 9, 2018  |  Articles

Excess and Obsolete Inventory: An Outcome of a Series of Unfortunate Events!

Inventory continues to be a problem for many companies.   In particular, inventory that is considered “Excess and Obsolete” often accumulates and has to be dealt with – often at the end of the fiscal year.  During tax season, this is also […]

Nov 6, 2017  |  Director's Blog

Excess and Obsolete Inventory: You’re All Responsible for It!

The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative held its first ever “Executive Roundtable on Excess and Obsolete Inventory” on the NC State campus on October 25, 2017.  The event was attended by 25 executives from a variety of different industries and backgrounds.  […]

Apr 22, 2017  |  Director's Blog

Bayer, Deere, and ARC Provide Feedback on Student Capabilities that Drive Innovation

On April 19th and 20th the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative held its bi-annual Board Advisory meeting and Partner Meeting in the Talley Student Center at North Carolina State University.  The program was really exceptional this year, and the riveting discussions […]

Feb 12, 2017  |  Director's Blog

Best Practice: Creating a Governance Mechanism for Analytical Learning in Organizations

I recently interviewed a large semiconductor company that developed a cross-enterprise initiative to drive analytical learning across its entire supply chain. The company established a supply chain IT organization that reports up to the CIO. It focuses on leveraging the corporate […]

Dec 13, 2016  |  Director's Blog

More Insights on Deploying the Digital Supply Chain

On the second day of our executive focus group on the LIVING Supply Chain, the group took the opportunity to share insights regarding the emerging trends in the future of supply chains, with a focus on digitization, development of analytics and […]

Dec 12, 2016  |  Director's Blog

Caterpillar BCP Tour opens up executive eyes to "Big Iron" supply chains

Over the course three days last week, a group of executives from a variety of different companies came together to share ideas and thoughts on the future of supply chain. These discussions were also augmented by planned events to Caterpillar […]

Jul 23, 2016  |  Director's Blog

Beyond Collaboration: Supply Chain "Federation"

The idea that large organizations can create a “federated” network, by integrating smaller firms into their network and drive a common purpose is a concept that is emerging as key to global competition. Federation implies common operating procedures, established standards, driving […]

May 16, 2016  |  Director's Blog

Applying the Laws of Forecasting to Predictive Analytics

I had a chance to meet with my good friend Tom Choi from Arizona State University a couple of weeks ago. We met at the United Club in Chicago, as he was on his way back from a visit with […]

Dec 2, 2013  |  Director's Blog

Jason Schenker's Views on 2014 Economic Events

Jason Schenker from Prestige Economics provided some insights into where we are headed in the global economy at the SCRC meeting today. In his words, “the US economy is getting rich slowly.”    Prestige Economics measure for global growth is […]