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Jun 20, 2024

“Computer Age”: Getting Going With Generative AI In The Classroom Using WhatIf_WhatNow GPT & BioBuilder GPT

This blog is written by Dr Daniel Finkenstadt with Dr Rajinder Bhandal, and explores some of the takeaways from using GenAI in the classroom. Here is an update on progress… 

Jun 19, 2024

How Road Freight Technologies Are Reshaping Maritime Shipping Practices

Today’s blog is written by a guest writer, Graham Perry, a writer at Business Tech Innovations specializing in logistics supply chain optimization. With expertise in fleet management and transportation technology,… 

Dec 9, 2023

“I heard you on the wireless back in ’52”: Generative AI from an educational perspective

Fink provides insights into AI in procurement that surpasses anyone else I've seen in the field... Rob Handfield 

Apr 2, 2023

Supply Chain Executives are building “Centers of Excellence” – because they support business strategies!

The term “COE” is often a commonly heard term in supply managers’ vernacular, but it’s interesting to note that Centers of Excellence as an organizational entity have been around for… 

Mar 16, 2023

Using Spend Analysis to Understand Supply Chain Risks

A comprehensive understanding of spending patterns in the business is a function of the enterprise’s ability to capture data in a meaningful way.  The importance of conducting a thorough analysis… 

Feb 20, 2023

A Brief History of B2B Data Sharing – and What’s In Store

Craig Lukasik has been busy!  This is his third guest blog on Supply Chain View From the Field.   And it’s good one!  Data sharing sounds good in theory –… 

Jan 28, 2023

Can you WFH & Walk?

This is the second guest blog from Craig Lukasik , an MBA supply chain graduate from the Poole College of Management’s supply chain program.  In this thought piece he debates… 

Jan 1, 2023

Ten Supply Chain Predictions for 2023

As we go into the first week of 2023, many are wondering what’s ahead for global commerce and supply chains.  As I’ve done in prior years, I’ll make a few… 

Nov 25, 2022

What is Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence?

I recently attended the SAS INNOVATE  conference, which introduced a new concept that I haven’t heard of before.  In particular, a presentation made by Eric Yu, Principal Solutions Architect within… 

May 4, 2022

Rising Interest Rates: Maybe It’s Time to Bring Back the Forgotten Art of Price Analysis

Price analysis is a subject that is often overlooked in supply chain education, (although it is certainly a big part of our chapter on Strategic Cost Management in Purchasing and…