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Jun 15, 2021  |  Director's Blog

Behind the Numbers of the SCRC Supply Management Index

The SCRC’s Supply Management Maturity Index was highlighted in a recent Wall Street Journal article, that identified the companies best prepared to weather the storm ahead in terms of supply chain disruptions.  In this blog, I’ll explain a bit more […]

Jun 11, 2021

Supply Shortages Continue to Plague Healthcare

A lot of the vaccine problems surrounding healthcare products continue to occur, including syringes, many of which are made from polyurethanes and polypropylenes. During the Texas freeze, 14 or the 16 resin manufacturers declared force majeure. They then decided to […]

Jun 10, 2021  |  Director's Blog

Will Supply Chain Price Increases Result in Inflation? The Fed isn’t Worried…

As vaccination rates in the US, the UK, and Europe have risen, economies have shifted back and capital projects are beginning to resume.  However, significant problems remain with respect to major shortages and price increases that exist in supply chains. […]

Jun 3, 2021  |  Director's Blog

Can we re-shore and create a US semiconductor industry? Maybe…

I participated today in the National Academies of Engineering, Science, and Medicine’s “Logistics and Manufacturing under Attack Virtual” Workshop, that involved a number of Department of Defense, private sector companies (GE, Pratt & Whitney), and academic partners, to discuss the […]

Jun 2, 2021

Rob Handfield Puts More Emphasis on Cybersecurity During Meat Processor Hack

Rob Handfield, professor of operations and supply chain management, sees no reason for consumers to rush out and buy meat amid the recent meat processor hack. Instead, he implores companies to be wary of potential cyber attacks. “It’s a sign […]

Jun 2, 2021

Tim Kraft Explains the Challenges of the Shipping Pallet Shortage

Tim Kraft, assistant professor of operations and supply chain management, sees the recent shortage of wood shipping pallets as detrimental to the supply chain of other essential products spanning from electronics to food. “The pallet, surprisingly, is the secret lifeblood […]

May 27, 2021  |  Director's Blog

Re-thinking the Strategic National Stockpile

I recently testified before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, along with three other witnesses.  During this testimony, I shared some of the insights I developed working with the Joint Acquisition Task Force as a pro bono […]

May 25, 2021

Strategies to Manage Cybersecurity Breaches in the Supply Chain

Given the SolarWinds “Orion” attack in December of 2020, and the coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine Cold Chain Phishing campaign, the demand for stronger security in the supply chain to prevent cyber assaults is at an all-time high. As reported by The […]

May 20, 2021

Rob Handfield Serves as a Witness in Congressional Hearing on the PPE Supply Shortage

Rob Handfield, professor of operations and supply chain management, served as one of four witnesses in a congressional hearing evaluating the personal protective equipment (PPE) supply chain and the gaps in responses during the COVID-19 pandemic. “American exceptionalism became American hubris,” said […]

May 20, 2021  |  Articles

Rob Handfield Exposes the Underground Economy of Counterfeit Goods

Rob Handfield, professor of operations and supply chain management, breaks down how millions of fake goods ranging from laundry detergent to running shows make their way to Amazon shoppers. “Anywhere you can make a buck selling something at high volume […]