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Procurement Leadership Project Overview

When it comes to professional development, the key questions for many organizations focus on how delegates will be able to demonstrate learning and deliver a return on the investment.

In response, this program will allow you to identify a project agreed upon by your organization, which you will develop throughout the week and be able to later implement within your organization where it will have most impact.


Prior to arriving at the program, you will have agreed on a project with your organizational leaders that will have a measurable impact on your organization and be deliverable within 3 – 6 months.

Best performing projects will have a broad impact on the organization, being felt by stakeholders outside of the procurement function.

It is also recommended that you acquire a sponsor from outside the function to engage throughout the process so that issues can be dealt with quickly and the benefits can be promoted by a third party when it comes time to implement your project.

During the Program

Throughout the week, you will work through the key stages involved in developing your project that can be implemented quickly upon agreement to proceed.

You will receive feedback from other delegates on both your proposal and presentation skills, which will help you refine these skills in preparation for your final pitch on the last day of the program.

At the end of the week, you will pitch to a panel of senior procurement and supply chain executives who will provide candid feedback aimed at final refinements to optimize your chances of successful implementation.


You will leave the workshop with a completed proposal that can be implemented back in the workplace. If required, you will be able to request post-program support from program faculty to ensure successful implementation.

Completion of the project, when carefully positioned and developed, will lead to a raised interest in the role of procurement and supply chain and its impact on wider business performance.

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