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About Us

Connecting students, thought leaders and industry professionals to create a full circle of impact, innovation and real-world solutions.

How Our Students “Think and Do”

Each semester, teams of undergraduate and MBA students work on client projects for our corporate partners.

Using client data and the knowledge they’ve acquired in the classroom and through their own personal experiences, these teams regularly produce tools, insights and recommendations with tangible returns for these companies.

Students pose for a selfie
PRTM students pose for a selfie while visiting downtown Raleigh.

Ethical Apparel Index

The Ethical Apparel Index will support the development of a transparency mechanism to promote ethical production in global apparel supply chains.

Procurement Leadership Program

Through a combination of highly-engaging discussions, assessments, participant presentations, case studies and keynote speakers, this program teaches modern procurement strategies and frameworks, as well as how to assess current conditions for the purpose of choosing and implementing a strategy that will provide you with the greatest potential for added economic value and competitive advantage.