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Upcoming SCRC Meeting to Focus on "Transparency in the Global Supply Chain"

The concept of supply chain transparency and velocity is based on two essential elements of technology: 1) The rapid digitization of the supply chain, and 2) the rise of real-time information enabled by technology. Digitization allows people in organizations to speed things up – and provides greater visibility to what is going on in an organizations ecosystem. Real-time information allows that information to be broadcast instantaneously. Although many organizations have adopted these technological elements, one essential element is missing from their strategies: the democratization of data sharing.

The combination of these two elements is the essence for creation of creating transparency that enables asset velocity. As individual performers in the supply chain are provided with the right information enabling them to act and make decisions in an agile fashion to react to global events and the ripple effects they have on global supply chain. In turn, these same individuals need to be empowered to communicate what they are seeing so others can act on these events in turn. This meeting will explore some of these concepts, and provide a basis for getting started on this journey.

The upcoming theme on “Creating Supply Chain Transparency” is the focus for the SCRC meeting on April 21-22, 2016, and will feature presentations by a number of other senior executives will focus on the theme of creating transparency up and down the supply chain, to create an integrated format for decision-making.  The meeting is a private forum for open discussion of problems faced by executives with a common interest in driving intelligent solutions in the fact of an increasingly complex ecosystem. Interested parties can register online.

The meeting agenda will include:

  • An SCRC Board of Advisors meeting (by invitation only)
  • An update on SCRC programs and services since the last meeting.
  • Leadership and Innovation Showcase presenting ~70 graduate and undergraduate practicum projects completed by all academic concentrations within the Poole College of Management this semester.
  • The Keynote address “Creating Supply Chain Transparency” by Dr. Rob Handfield, Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management and Executive Director of the SCRC.
  • Dana Martin, Chief Operating Officer, Elementum
  • An Economic Impact Analysis of North Carolina’s Supply Chain.” MBA supply chain candidates John Elliott, Dana Magliola and Lindsay Schilleman
  • A panel discussion of issues related to supply chain transparency, including Gregg Margosian from Toshiba GCS, Jeff Townley (formerly of Genband), Ian McCullogh of Duke Energy, and Katherine Kawamoto from IACCM.

This is sure to be an intersting and compelling set of discussions.  See you there!