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The Critical Role of Procurement in the BP Oil Spill Cleanup: Part II

In a prior blog, I discussed the important role that procurement is playing at BP.  Shortly after this event, I had a discussion with another group of executives involved in the cleanup, who emphasized the need to talented, agile individuals to assist with the complex set of supplier relationships that is involved in this incredible cleanup initiative.  In fact, BP has engaged a number of our MBA students from the supply chain concentration ( to work on different aspects of the procurement spectrum associated with the cleanup. 

Recently, I communicated with two students who shared with me the various tasks they are working on.

Student 1:  I am working in the Contracts department right now and I know I will learn alot about the procurement process from all the knowledgeable and experienced folks I am with.  The days are long, but it fulfilling to know that we are helping with the clean up and getting some great experience at the same time.

Student 2:  As of now – I am working under a gentleman who is the center-point of the Houston branch.  There is a lot going on with getting the right people into the right roles – not only around our office but into all the camp sites for the top logistics coordinators.  Since my boss as been traveling out of town lately – I have been working trying to design a communication chart for this whole incident so we have a common line of responsibility and needs for people at the home site and in the field.  I wanted to thank you very much for lining up these internships for us.  I cannot think of a better opportunity for me to learn in this environment.  The people down here at BP have all been great.  While the hours are pretty long – there is a good amount of responsibility and education to gain.  I felt very lucky that I was able to make it down here, and so again – thank you 

These individuals recognize how important this task is, and are working night and day to ensure that the process is efficient.  Payments are being processed, contracts are being managed, and the cleanup continues.  Working behind the scenes, NC State MBA students are doing their part.