SCRC Meeting: Practical Approaches in Creating Analytics (from People Who Have Actually Done it, Not Just Talked About it)

Our upcoming SCRC meeting is focused on how organizations are undertaking practical approaches to creating business analytics.  As many companies are in the throes of launching business pilots and Proof of Concept approaches with their analytics efforts, using a variety of different approaches (machine-based learning, visualization, predictive modeling, optimization, and a host of other methodologies), the results are…. well… mixed, truth be told.  The good news is that those organizations who are forging ahead, are learning from their failures as well as their successes.  Even those organizations that are considered “cutting edge” such as Amazon, are finding it tough slogging when it comes to using AI and related technologies.  People who are working on real analytics challenges will be sharing some of the lessons learned along the way, and some of the common mistakes to avoid..

There are many challenges associated with creating these types of business models, but as I’ll emphasize in the keynote, it really begins with establishing a solid foundation of data governance.  Analytics with lousy data, is, in fact, not trustworthy.  People won’t trust metrics if they know the data isn’t any good.  But this is just the start.  I’ll be providing some insights from a number of recent studies completed by the SCRC team including key skills required in establishing analytics teams, the current state of AI use in the supply chain, and some of the challenges companies are facing (and how they are dealing with them) in their business analytics applications.

We have some incredible guest speakers that will be dropping by the state of the art Talley Student Center on November 29th.  First, David Quintilo, Executive VP at United Parcel Service, will discuss some of the many exciting developments UPS is leading in this area.  (David is an NC State alum, and we are proud to have him visiting us on his return to campus next week!) He’ll share how UPS is working to create an analytics platform to provide more information about when their packages will arrive, and predicting how they get there faster. Likewise, Lenovo’s Bobby Bernard will share how Lenovo is emphasizing data governance as the key to employing emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and other digital technologies, to better manage their complex electronic supply chains.  Noel Greis, Director of the Center for Digital Enterprise and Innovation, will be speaking on how digital technologies, especially intelligent agents, are instrumental in redesigning business processes at companies like Boeing and GE. The CDEI works with the private sector, as well as state, federal, and foreign governments to develop transportation infrastructures to address future business needs.  Finally, Kurt Collins, Director of Analytics at Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions (the buying arm of YUM brands) will share how YUM has begun to employ digital solutions to build creative tools for planning and cost management in the food supply chain.

I know that this is going to be a great learning experience for everyone involves… you definitely want to put this one on your calendar  Interested in coming?  Please be sure to register on our Eventbrite registration page.  (There is no fee for SCRC partners).