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Poole COM to host the 2nd Annual Workshop on Sustainable Supply Chain Management February 26 – 28, 2016

I am excited to announce an academic conference being hosted by Professor Eda Kemahlioglu Ziya and myself on sustainable supply chain management strategies in February.  This is a follow-on session to the first conference of this sort held at Georgia Tech last year.   The goal of the workshop is to host academics who are exploring new ideas and research topics in the emerging field of sustainable supply chains.  

We had a large number of applications, and selected a total of 13 papers which will be held in four sessions related to different topics of social responsibility, renewable energy, environmental implications of new SCM practices, and closed loop supply chains.  We will also be holding two new “research incubator” sessions that will allow young emerging faculty to share their thoughts and ideas on papers that are not yet fully developed, and get feedback from others to help shape their thoughts.

Here is a breakdown of the sessions.  Anyone wanting to register can do so at the website.

9:00-11:30            Session 1: Paper presentations and discussion – Inspections, disclosures and social responsibility

  • Investing in Supply Chain Transparency for Social Responsibility – Tim Kraft, León Valdés, Yanchong Zheng
  • Ensuring Corporate Social Responsibility via Vertical Integration and Horizontal Sourcing – Adem Orsdemir, Bin Hu, Vinayak Deshpande
  • How Learning from Inspections Affects Environmental Outcomes: Evidence from Unconventional Well Development – Suresh Muthulingam
  • Inducing Environmental Disclosures: A Dynamic Mechanism Design Approach – Shouqiang Wang, Peng Sun, Francis de Vericourt

11:30-11:45        Break

11:45-12:30        Research incubator session: Topic and speakers to be announced

12:30-13:30        Lunch

13:30-3:30          Session 2: Paper presentations and discussion – Electricity/energy/renewables

  • An Analysis of Time-Based Pricing in Electricity Supply Chain – Baris Ata, Asligul Serasu Duran, Ozge  Islegen
  • Strategic Commitment to a Production Schedule with Supply and Demand Uncertainty: Renewable Energy in Day-Ahead Electricity Markets – Nur Sunar, John Birge
  • Feed-in Tariff versus Rebate for Renewable Generation – Volodymyr Babich and Ruben Lobel

3:30-4:30              Break

4:30-6:30              Session 3: Paper presentations and discussion – Environmental and Social Implications of Novel SCM practices

  • To Sell and to Provide? The Economic and Environmental Implications of the Auto Manufacturer’s Involvement in the Car Sharing – Ioannis Bellos, Beril Toktay, Mark Ferguson
  • Food, Energy, and Environment Trilemma: Sustainable Farmland Use and Biofuel Industry Development – Xin Wang, Michael K. Lim, Yanfeng Ouyang
  • An Operational Analysis of Multi‐Crop Food Bank Gleaning Operations – Erkut Sonmez, Deishin Lee, Miguel I. Gomez, Xiaoli Fan

7 pm                         Dinner


Sunday, February 28, 2016

8:00-8:30             Breakfast

8:30-11:00           Session 1: Paper presentations and discussion – Closed-loop SCM and recycling

  • Design and Technology Choice for Recycling: The Value of Capacity Ownership and Collaboration – Atalay Atasu, Luyi Gui, Morvarid Rahmani
  • Impact of Certification Programs on Waste Recovery in the Presence of Secondary Market – Y-T. Lin, W. Xiao, M. Jin, G. Esenduran
  • An Analysis of Recycled Content Claims under Demand Benefit and Supply Uncertainty – Aditya Vedantam, Ananth Iyer, Paul Lacourbe
  • Closed-loop supply chain design under uncertain new and time-sensitive returned products – Zhi-Hai Zhang, Gemma Berenguer

11:00-11:30        Break

11:30-12:15        Research Incubator Session: Topic and speakers to be announced

12:15-1:30          Lunch and workshop adjourned