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Corporate Social Responsibility

Mar 7, 2024

Do Tariffs Really Impact China’s Global Supply Chain?

Co-authored with Clark Banach, PhD I recently had a fantastic discussion with Clark Banach, Program Director at Aletheia Research Institution and Futures Fellow at MERICS (Mercator Institute for China Studies),… 

Sep 27, 2023

Supply Chain Leadership Series IV: Joydeep Ganguly – Passionate About Sustainable Supply Chains

Joydeep Ganguly was one of my students during his MBA at NC State. I had the opportunity to have him talk to my MBA class recently, and we covered a variety… 

Sep 21, 2023

Supply Chain Leadership Series III: Andrew Olah – Changing the Denim Industry One Brand at a Time

Andrew Olah claims he is in the twilight of his career.  But everything he is involved seems to be to the contrary!  Olah has recently sold his textile business, Olah Inc, and has… 

May 26, 2023

Why resilient and supply chain objectives can be achieved through the same means.

Apr 22, 2022

The reality of green energy: “green metal” supply chains won’t be able to keep up

A recent set of investigations by the Economist provides a realistic view of the likelihood of a smooth transition to a green energy economy.  Big Picture Up Front:  it won’t… 


Dec 14, 2020

The SCRC’s Contribution to the WSJ’s Best Managed Companies

Once again, the Drucker Institute has put together a list of the “Top 250 Best Managed Companies”, which was highlighted in the Wall Street Journal.  And like last year, the… 

Nov 28, 2020

During the Covid Crisis, don’t forget the Opioid Crisis

This week in a remotely conducted hearing in federal court in New Jersey, Purdue Pharma’s chairman, Steve Miller, acknowledged  that in order to meet sales goals, the company told the… 

May 1, 2020

Catastrophic Impacts of COVID19 in Bangladesh Apparel Supply Chain

An article written by my former PhD student, Rejaul Hasan, and I just came out this week in Contracting Excellence, the journal published by IACCM, which documents the catastrophe that… 

Sep 29, 2019

What does the global trade chess board look like lately ?

Global trade is becoming more and more confusing, given the vast array of different tariffs, trade wars, 301’s, customs duties, and other shifts in global trade. I had the opportunity… 

May 11, 2018

How sustainable is your food? Ask Field to Market

Rod Snyder, president of Field to Market:  The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, has over ten years of experience in eco-labeling.  FTM was founded in order to address the question of…