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Participate in our Global Logistics Survey!!

We have currently launched an important online survey, being conducted in conjunction with BVL International, a non-profit global logistics institute dedicated to promoting knowledge and best practices in logistics. The study is also being carried out in parallel with Technical University Berlin, Darmstadt University, FDC Cabral (Brazil), and other research partners in India and China.

The study investigates the current state of global trends that are shaping the logistics environment, as well as the strategies organizations are using to cope with or in some cases, exploit these trends. In addition, we are seeking input on current logistics performance capabilities that will enable you to benchmark your performance relative to others within your industry, as well as globally. The survey link is:

Participation in this study is voluntary, but your support in completing the survey is greatly appreciated. Academic research relies heavily on executives to complete surveys like these, and it is only with your help that we can collect the data to advance our knowledge and understanding of complex management practices in the life sciences.

In return for your time and opinions, participants will receive a report that documents the key trends and insights based on not only the survey results, but detailed interviews with subject matter experts in several supply chain industries.