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NC State's Poole College of Management JUMPS in the rankings – and we need your support!

Bloomberg Businessweek released its MBA rankings today, placing the Jenkins MBA at number 29 among full-time MBA programs in the United States. This ranking is a notable jump from number 54 just a year ago and number 63 (out of 63) three years ago.  The full ranking is available on the Bloomberg Businessweek website, where you will find the Jenkins MBA among some of the best and well-established programs nationwide – NYU (24), USC (25), Georgetown (26), Brigham Young (27) and Indiana (28).

But wait, that’s not all…

Bloomberg Businessweek also ranked part-time MBA programs, among which NC State placed No. 45 nationwide. We were just one of just 26 schools that received top 50 recognition for both the full-time and part-time program

You can read more about both rankings on the Bloomberg Businessweek website. I also welcome you to bookmark to keep updated on the exciting things going on in our Jenkins MBA program.

But we need your support!

I would encourage anyone familiar with the Poole College of Management, Jenkins MBA, or the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative,   to participate in the SCM survey of top 20 providers of supply chain talent by selecting their top three (hopefully, one of which will be yours truly, NC State).  The survey link is  The survey polled 719 supply chain professionals last month and asked: “As a marker of supply chain talent, please select your top three universities.” Respondents were given a drop-down menu comprising 191 universities known to have supply chain offerings within their business programmes.  They will re-publish the results in March 2016.  If you have had any experience with our program, whether through engagement with our MBA or undergraduate supply chain students, as a reader of this blog (which I update about twice a week), or through the significant information provided on our award-winning website (, I’d encourage you to participate.

Thank you for your support!