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Increase in Take-Out Raises Sustainability Concerns

Since the start of the global pandemic, there has been an increase in people ordering take-out food. This boost in ready-made meals calls for a demand in better sustainability practices, as the leftover trash is harmful to the environment. 

One solution is to switch from Styrofoam to compostable containers. As reported by Food Logistics, Styrofoam “has demonstrated a significant negative impact on the planet and wildlife, at both the local and global level.” Other possible solutions include: utilizing paper foodservice ware made from renewable fibers (e.g., bamboo and sugarcane), including fiber cutlery and wood utensils, and training employees to properly dispense products, such as asking customers if they need a bag or cutleries. 

Furthermore, customers have shown a positive response to switching to compostable packages. According to the Foodservice Packaging Institute, 75% of respondents who were surveyed claim they “are willing to pay more for single-use items that [have] environmental materials and end-of-life attributes, including those made with renewable materials (particularly plant-based) and compostable materials.”

Source: Food Logistics