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Emerald Citation of Excellence 2013 for supply chain innovation article

I learned today that one of the articles I published with colleagues from the University of Tennessee, Oxford University, and Manchester University was cited for the 2013 Emerald citation of Excellence award. Now in their seventeenth year, these distinguished annual awards recognize the 50 most outstanding articles published by the top 300 management journals in the world, including, for example, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Finance, Strategic Management Journal, MIT Sloan Management Review, and McKinsey Quarterly.

With 15,000 article abstracts published in these journals annually, receiving a Citation of Excellence is an extraordinary achievement and represents one of the highest accolades that an author can achieve. Authors of the winning articles receive an official certificate and logo to display on their work. The award brings with it peer recognition and, frequently, increases in research funding.

The article published in question, Knowledge sharing in interorganizational product development teams: the effect of formal and informal socialization mechanisms, was published in the Journal of Production Innovation Management in 2009.   Results of the study suggest that informal socialization mechanisms, such as communication guidelines and social events, play an important role in facilitating interorganizational knowledge sharing, whereas formal socialization mechanisms, such as cross-functional teams, and matrix reporting structures, act indirectly through informal socialization to influence knowledge sharing.  This is particularly important in dealing with supplier involvement in new product develoment initiatives.  The theoretical model was tested based on a survey of 113 UK companies.

A two-tier selection process

For 2013 Emerald identified these papers through work with Professor Anne-Wil Harzing, using the Publish or Perish software program, to select the winners using a two-tier system based on citations and research impact, as follows:

  • The number of citations received by each paper abstracted for Emerald Management Reviews over the previous three years has been analyzed using Anne-Wil Harzing ‘s Publish or Perish citations analysis software, and separated into the main subject areas of management, economics and business. As papers need at least three years to accumulate citation data, the 2013 Awards have been selected from papers published in 2009.
  • A shortlist of the most highly cited papers for each subject area was then assessed by our editorial judging panel, who chose the final top 50 best papers based on their research impact using Emerald’s Impact of Research quality criteria, developed in conjunction with editors of over 250 Emerald journals.

Professor Anne-Wil Harzing, a recognized authority on journal quality and citation metrics, comments: “I am happy Emerald is using Publish or Perish to make their first selection for the Citation of Excellence Awards. Publish or Perish is based on Google Scholar data, which provide a more comprehensive assessment of research impact than traditional sources for citation data such as ISI and Scopus. As a result it better reflects Emerald’s mission to publish work with a broader societal impact.”

A full list of the 2013 winners, as well as lists of previous winners, is available at: