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Poole College of Management

Supply Chain Resource Cooperative

Don Warsing

Associate Professor of Supply Chain Operations

Contact Information


Ph.D., , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hil (2000)

Selected Research

  • Warsing, D. P., W. Wangwatcharakul, and R. E. King, “Computing Optimal Base-stock Levels for an Inventory System with Imperfect Supply,” forthcoming at Computers and Operations Research.
  • Ahiska, S. S., S. R. Appaji, R. E. King, and D. P. Warsing, “A Markov-Decision Process-Based Policy Characterization Approach for a Stochastic Inventory Control Problem With Unreliable Sourcing,” forthcoming at the International Journal of Production Economics.
  • Wu, X. and D. P. Warsing (2013), “Comparing Traditional and Fuzzy-Set Solutions to (Q,r) Inventory Systems with Discrete Lead-time Distributions,” Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, 24(1), 93-104.
  • Kay, M. G. and D. P. Warsing (2009), “Estimating LTL Rates Using Publicly Available Empirical Data,” International Journal of Logistics: Research and Applications, 12(3), 165-193.
  • Thomas, D. J., D. P. Warsing and X. Zhang (2009), “Forecast Updating and Supplier Coordination for Complementary Component Purchases,” Production and Operations Management, 18(2), 167-184.
  • Handfield, R., D. Warsing, and X. Wu (2009), “(Q,r) Inventory Policies in a Fuzzy Uncertain Supply Chain Environment,” European Journal of Operational Research, 197(2), 609-619.
  • Gilland, W. G. and D. P. Warsing (2009), “The Impact of Revenue-Maximizing Priority Pricing on Customer Delay Costs,” Decision Sciences, 40(1), 89-120.
    Bozarth, C. C., D. P. Warsing, B. B. Flynn, and J. E. Flynn (2009), “The Impact of Supply Chain Complexity on Manufacturing Plant Performance,” Journal of Operations Management, 27(1), 78-93.

Industry Engagement

  • Management/Executive Development, Red Hat