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  • Does the facility have procedure to ensure compliance with national and local laws?
  • Does the facility have an effective program and relevant materials to train all individuals, including all individuals responsible for production coordination and scheduling, to ensure that workers work no more than the legal maximum hours, including overtime ceilings?
  • Are notifications of maximum regular and overtime hour policies visibly posted in the language(s) understood by the facility’s workers and management personnel?
  • Are all workers made aware, at the time of hiring, of facility policies and procedures that specify the legal limitations on the following:
    • The maximum hours of work per day, week and month, both regular and overtime? 
    • The maximum number of consecutive days they can legally be required to work?
  • Does the facility retain complete and accurate time records onsite of at least the past 12 months that reflect the days and dates workers worked? the number of hours worked each day?
  • Does a crosscheck of other facility records, such as production records and CCTV (if applicable), show any 7th day work inconsistencies with time records?
  • Are overtime hours worked in compliance with local/national laws? If there are excessive overtime hours, state the total number of hours including overtime- daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.