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Sep 21, 2023

An Interview with Andrew Olah – Changing the Denim Industry One Brand at a Time

Andrew Olah claims he is in the twilight of his career.  But everything he is involved seems to be to the contrary!  Olah has recently sold his textile business, Olah Inc, and has also sold a minority interest of his denim fashion show, Kingpins, which is held annually in Amsterdam and New York, (and was held in Hong Kong… 

Mar 1, 2023

Alone and Exploited, Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs Across the U.S.

Arriving in record numbers, they’re ending up in dangerous jobs that violate child labor laws — including in factories that make products for well-known brands like Cheetos and Fruit of the Loom. It was almost midnight in Grand Rapids, Mich., but inside the factory everything was bright. A conveyor belt carried bags of Cheerios past… 

Dec 22, 2022

Consumer Pressure Is Key to Fixing Dire Labor Conditions in the Clothing Supply Chain

Originally published on November 02, 2022, in the Harvard Business Review – Operations And Supply Chain Management SUMMARY: The plethora of different audit systems and standards for assessing labor practices in factories in the apparel supply chain continues to produce disappointing improvements in working conditions. An approach under development would change that by using data from… 

Dec 10, 2022

Stories of Impact Podcast: Ethical Apparel with Dr. Robert Handfield and Dr. MD Rejaul Hasan

Tavia Gilbert: Welcome to Stories of Impact. I’m your host, Tavia Gilbert, and along with journalist Richard Sergay, every first and third Tuesday of the month, we share conversations about the art and science of human flourishing.Only one week remains before the midterm elections in the United States. Before I vote on November 8, I… 

Jan 25, 2021

Helping Consumers Change the World When They Shop

Researchers at North Carolina State University are launching an initiative aimed at improving working conditions in clothing factories on a global scale. The project hopes to help workers by developing and marketing a tool that lets apparel shoppers know how items of clothing were made. This is far from the first such project that aims…