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Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution: Potential Problems and Bottlenecks [WEBINAR]

As we enter the next wave of COVID-19 cases, hospitals and public health administrators are worried about ICU’s getting overwhelmed. The big hope of course is that the vaccine will bring with it a return to normalcy. But how smoothly will the roll-out of the vaccine occur?

In this webinar, Dr. Rob Handfield (NC State University) and Dr. Dan Finkenstadt (Naval Postgraduate School) will share insights on the potential problems that may lie ahead in the vaccine supply chain based on their personal discussions, research and networks in the healthcare response supply chain from the private and public sectors.

More importantly, the webinar will identify potential solutions that the private and public sector should work to be better prepared for the roll-out of the vaccine.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the issues and risks in the vaccine supply chain, using the PLAN-SOURCE-MAKE-DELIVER-SELL/RETURN Supply Chain Operating Reference (SCOR) model
  • Develop insights into how the vaccine distribution will likely occur
  • Highlight areas where preparedness is needed to improve coordination with state and public healthcare agencies.


Rob Handfield, PhD

Executive Director of SCRC, Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management

Dan Finkenstadt, PhD

Assistant Professor, Naval Postgraduate School