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Ways to Ensure Fresh Deliveries and Prevent Porch Pirates

Online grocery shopping is predicted to increase over the current year. Hence, grocers must focus on technological advancements to better serve the needs of their clientele. According to Jeanae DuBois of Bitwise Industries, customers are “fickle when it comes to e-grocery providers” and highlights an exigency for efficient innovations to satisfy the consumer’s home-delivery experience.

One demand is to improve the handling of perishable food goods, such as meat and dairy, and medical products. Another obstacle is to increase security in case of “porch pirates” (i.e., individuals who steal delivered goods from porches). As reported by MSNBC, roughly 33% of Americans have encountered front-door theft during the global pandemic. To prevent potential spoilage and combat criminal activity, ingenuity-driven solutions are necessary. A possible fix is to merge hardware and software to produce temperature-regulated containers connected to a customer’s mobile devices, including the option for said containers to lock. 

To stay relevant, food providers will need to stay on top of these trends and innovations as consumer demand continues to evolve.

Source: Food Logistics