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The Fourth Industrial Revolutions Puts Human Workers First

The global pandemic has been devastating for many, yet there is a silver lining: the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has served as a catalyst for many technological advancements, especially in the supply chain, ultimately ushering in the incoming Fourth Industrial Revolution, says Axel Schmidt, senior communications manager of ProGlove. For example, many technologies that help connect workers using the Internet of Things (IoT) have received extra attention thanks to their ability to help workers stay socially distanced.

Another aspect of the new era is the rise of ergonomic workplaces and subsequent wearable technologies, which decrease monotonous tasks that can ultimately lead to human error. By combining humans with technology and IoT, workers are able to maximize time efficiency and utilize their ingenuity through electronic devices, thus allowing them to have an advantage over workers of the past.

Source: Supply & Demand Chain Executive