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Using Artificial Intelligence to Strengthen Supply Chain Sustainability

As the supply chain world demands increasing focus on sustainability concerns, it is important for companies to develop stronger strategies to meet said demands. Whether it means making operations more efficient or staying ahead of shortages created by outside forces, it is imperative the supply chain takes the appropriate measures in protecting the environment. 

Of course, this will require an investment in artificial intelligence (AI), which is expensive. Nevertheless, utilizing AI can help guarantee successful steps with strengthening sustainability practices in a variety of ways, including for staff and equipment planning, operational processes, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, to name a few.

According to Adrian Weiler, chief executive office of INFORM Software Corporation,  supply chains must:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve air quality and ecological impacts
  • Better labor practices and employee well-being
  • Strengthen asset management and supply chain operations

It is also important that businesses expand the notion of what sustainability means by introducing the human element to the practice, such as employees being treated fairly. Further, implementing artificial intelligence to help with planning an organization’s goals helps companies think about sustainability in the long run, as well as improving transportation, yard management, and forecasting demands. 

Source: Supply & Demand Chain Executive