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FedEx Commits to Carbon-Neutrality by 2040

FedEx seeks to increase its sustainability options by achieving carbon-neutral operations by 2040. This transition towards an environmentally-efficient future will be a $2 billion investment. 

Going forward, FedEx will gradually replace all its trucks with electric-powered delivery vehicles to ensure zero emissions. According to Logistics Management, FedEx also plans to establish a connection with clientele to certify “end-to-end sustainability for the company’s supply chains through carbon-neutral shipping offerings and also sustainable packaging solutions.” 

Furthermore, FedEx will invest in alternative fuels and reduce aircraft fuel usage and revamp its locations by funding sustainability management programs and renewable energy. 

The organization will also jump-start the Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture to combat greenhouse gas emissions through “applied research into natural carbon sequestration solutions.” The switch to carbon neutral practices does more than strengthen the company’s credibility, but it sets an example and provides a way for FedEx’s customers to also engage in sustainable operations. 

Source: Logistics Management