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The Rise of Robots in Restaurant Kitchens

The utilization of robots in the kitchen is a growing trend, and this is due to an expansion in artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing. As reported by Swamini Kulkarni of Allied Market Research, this shift to kitchen automation is predicted to increase, with the global food robotics market expected to reach “$3.61 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 13.0% from 2017-2023.” 

Indeed, robotics can generate work efficiency, however, AI can also be used as a practical marketing tool, as human interest in automation can draw in customers. Further, the implementation of social distancing policies because of the coronavirus pandemic created an exigence for AI labor. Robots obviously cannot fall victim to biological viruses, which make them the perfect solution for not only the current global medical crisis, but subsequent outbreaks as well. 

Though the switch to robotic line cooks is an enormous financial investment, the economic benefits in the long-run would be valuable, as it would eliminate future monetary losses (e.g., monthly salaries and sick leaves). Moreover, AI can handle the monotonous actions of kitchen work and reduce the possibility of human error through precision, which lessens the potential for food waste. 

Source: Food Logistics