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Staying on Track: Are Autonomous Trains the Future of Rail Logistics?

Many businesses have derailed because of the global pandemic. However, the demand for freight railroads has actually increased and, due to technological advancements in automation and big data, it is possible we will witness self-driving trains in the future. 

Autonomous trains would lessen the chances of potential mistakes created by humans and reduce the need for human labor. Expanding rail logistics would also improve environmental concerns, as freight trains can transfer more goods than the number of trucks required for on-road delivery. Furthermore, less trucks means less carbon emissions and traffic congestion. 

Indeed, a shift towards increased railway logistics would require an expansion of infrastructure along with the development of contingency plans, but in the case of dire events (e.g., COVID-19), rail logistics have been proven to remain a reliable resource, and, technological advancements withholding, may soon make a return to prominence. 

Source: Food Logistics