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SCRC Meeting Insights – Part I

We kicked off the 33rd SemiAnnual SCRC Partner Meeting today, with a room full of people from various segments of government, industry, and academic attending.  We kicked off the session with a round of introductions, and an overview of the SCRC recent accomplishments achieved this past year.  A summary of these is shown below.  What is remarkable is the growth in our rankings given how young the Poole College of Management is (it was founded in 1994), and has grown in stature at an exponential rate.  We are particularly proud of our Bloomberg #6 ranking of Undergraduate Supply Chain programs by Bloomberg, as well as the#15 ranking by Gartner #18 ranking of SCM programs by SCM World.  This is a quick rise, given the SCM program and the SCRC was kicked off only 15 years ago!

Rankings 2

This was followed by a great set of insights from Dana Magliola, Lindsay Schilleman, and John Elliott, three MBA’s who shared their insights on the impact of the supply chain industry in North Carolina.  This project provided a great set of insights related to the huge economic impact that the supply chain industries have, and the need for infrastructure investments.  This report was presented to the North Carolina Legislature, as well as the NC Chamber of Commerce.  Several participants noted that the government of North Carolina has really fallen beyond relative to other states like Georgia, which recently held a state-wide Logistics government this week, attended by the Governor, as well as 1700 representatives form industry government and academia.  We believe this is a call for the NC Legislature and government to sit up and take notice of the impact of the supply chain to the state of North Carolina.