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Relational Contracting Papers

As part of the lead-up to our SCRC meeting this week on Relational Contracting, I am featuring the first of five papers by some of our online MBA students who took my relational contracting class.  
The first of these by Michael Aich discusses how people can avoid court and crazy legal fees in contract disputes!
In this white paper, Lu Athnos discusses some of the pitfalls to be aware of on construction contracts, which many construction managers are unaware of.  This is an important way that procurement can add value to construction projects, so long as they are involved early and upfront!

In his paper, Smart Contracting and the Digital Supply Chain Revolution, Ryan Inglis, discussed smart contracting and how they will re-shape the world of contracting as we know it.

Dan Murdough discusses a special type of contract, those involving information technologies, and the specific issues to watch out for!
Finally, Tracy Barnett talks about the important role of contracts in “codifying the deal” in category management.  Unless it’s written down, there is no record of the elements of the deal!