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On-demand Trucking Paves New Roads for the Industry

The pandemic has created an exigency for on-demand strategies from both consumers and businesses. The trucking industry is no exception, especially as technological advances ensue. 

In response to the future of on-demand trucking, Jim Monkmeyer of DHL Supply Chain North America says, “[T]here is an opportunity to match drivers, equipment and capacity in the market to loads much more efficiently.” 

Moreover, on-demand trucking can consolidate finances and promote environmental awareness, as reduced emissions is an added benefit. 

Of course, it is predicted that these innovations will decelerate as the pandemic abates and the industry goes back to normal. Still, there is the challenge of employing new workers, seeing as COVID-19 resulted in a mass of drivers leaving the workforce. 

However, if autonomous engineering continues to grow, then the need for recruiting human drivers will become unnecessary. 

In the meantime, Monkmeyer says that digital brokers with critical mass and who provide the best service “will continue to grow at the expense of those that don’t.”

Source: Food Logistics