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New Railway System to Connect Mexico, United States and Canada

Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) announced last week that it will purchase Kansas City Southern in a $29 billion deal to create a new entity called Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC), which is still pending approval by the U.S. Surface Transportation Board. If approved, the merger will create a connection across the continent of North America, resulting in the first ever rail network that spans Mexico, the United States and Canada. The network would connect North America’s Gulf, Atlantic and Pacific coasts, with a centerpoint in the heart of America: Kansas City, Missouri. 

This amalgamation of railways is forecasted to create 20,000 jobs and, according to Canadian Pacific’s president and CEO, Keith Creel, “will be transformative for North America, providing significant positive impacts for our respective employees, customers, communities, and shareholders.”

The creation of  the CPKC would also benefit sustainability efforts, as expanding rail production would allow for more freight to be delivered at once by a train, thus eliminating the need for extra trucks. By lessening highway congestion, railways can produce “75% less greenhouse gas emissions.”

Source: DC Velocity