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Looking for a supply chain job? You need to know what people are looking for..

A recent report by Software Advice – a supply chain execution software reviews site – provides insights into what a group of executives surveyed is looking for from supply chain job listings.Software Advice analyzed 200 job listings to find out what it really takes to be a supply chain manager.  Some of the highlights included the following.

  • On average, employers want a supply chain manager with 7 years of experience.  However, 40% are willing to look at new entrants that have less than 5 years of experience.  This means that students who are graduating and looking for a job should try to get at least a couple of summer’s worth of job experience, even if it is not directly job related.  For MBA students, internships are critical to finding a job!
  • 72% of job listings included a Bachelor’s degree requirement. 17% preferred candidates with an MBA. My experience is that some employers would prefer to find undergraduates for their open roles, and do some training themselves.  Others just want MBA’s.  So you need to do your homework if you are looking for a job!
  • 37% of employers wanted a supply chain manager with a professional certification. One third of employers specified an APICS certification.  Bottom line:  APICS certification is good, but working towards CSCMP or ISM certification can’t hurt either.
  • 45% of employers want undergrads with a SCM concentration – but 45% will also look for a general business degree.  25% are looking for engineers to work in SCM, and another 5% want Finance or Scientific degrees.  For example, to work in pharmaceutical industries, some companies will only look at students with a chemical engineering degree..
  • ERP or MRP experience is a plus in 40% of cases.  SAP is preferred followed by Oracle experience..
  • Hopefully you like to travel – 33% of employers say some travel is required.