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Interview at BVL International Conference: The Meaning of Collaboration

I was recently interviewed at the BVL International Congress in Berlin, and shared some of the key results from the recent Global Logistics Trends and Strategies study.  (View the interview at the following YouTube link.)

What was unique about this study is that it truly was a global study, that spanned many regions including America, Europe, Russia, China, India, and Brazil.  These insights showed that there were a lot of different challenges in these markets, but also a good number of similarities.  Another key insight was the increasing importance of collaboration in the world of global logistics.  That is a simple word, but the connotations span the need to overcome cultural and language differences, working with government agencies to work through regulatory hurdles, finding ways to overcome corruption, building new transportation infrastructure solutions, establishing aligned ways of sharing information and increasing visibility, finding new ways of facilitating key handoffs, and establishing trust in relationships.

I think the interview captured a few of the key insights I was able to share with the group of Germany and other European executes attending the BVL Congress.  You can also download a full report of the events at the BVL Congress, including summaries of presentations and a copy of the trends and logistics study as well.