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Five Supply Chain Trends to Watch out for in 2021

Mark Perera, CEO of Vizibl, recently shared his 2021 predictions on key procurement and supply chain trends with Supply Chain Digital. He predicted this year we would see:

  • a demand for organizations to team up with suppliers to improve the environment and address various social and economic concerns
  • a continued and increasing need to create durable and flexible operations regarding potential public crises in the future (like COVID-19)
  • a call for a more preemptive method and level of awareness from CPOs regarding diversification and human rights
  • an increase in supplier collaborations

Regarding his last prediction, Perera feels it will be important for organizations to avoid misalignment to ensure supplier collaborations are copacetic, and encourages these partnerships to create “a set of cohesive policies, processes and approval levels that act as the framework” to help keep collaborations strong. Accountability should be integrated into the framework, too, as well as transparency and visibility, he said.

Perera also suggested organizations have an “innovation pipeline of projects by priority” and utilize appropriate technology to meet demands of the business.

Source: Supply Chain Digital