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Executive Panel on "Navigating the Road Ahead in Uncertain Times" Coming Up!

Based on the deluge of news coming from the press on Trump, Russia, China, trade talks, tax reform, healthcare reform, and a multitude of topics, it’s enough to make your head spin.  This is particularly the case if you are working in the supply chain.

In our upcoming meeting next week, we are bringing together a group of supply chain executives from a variety of industries, to help us understand the major impacts that these potential outcomes could mean for their industries, and for the supply chain profession.  Here are some of the questions and issues we expect to cover on our industry roundtable next week.


  1. We have heard a lot today about the impact of various policies under way, including the withdrawal from the TPP, new immigration laws, Dodd Frank, new regulatory issues, the repeal of Obamacare, and many other factors. Please pick one or two of these issues, and describe their major impact on your firm.
  2. Based on these impacts, what approach is your leadership team taking, other than a “wait and see” attitude? Are there any risk mitigation measures that can be taken?
  3. What are the key triggers and events that supply chain executives should monitor and be aware of that will impact supply and demand in the economy?
  4. How will the global economic community react to the changes that are likely to occur?  What will be the overall impact on global and regional economic growth?
  5. How will the ban on immigration, as well as the construction of “the wall”, impact the domestic labor force? Which sectors are likely to see labor shortages, escalating wage rates, and capacity constraints in the market?  I have spoken with numerous supply chain students who are very worried indeed about their chances of landing a job in this environment.
  6. How will regulatory changes in the energy and agriculture market change the flow of goods and services in the domestic economy?
  7. What will be the likely impact of the legal rulings on acquisitions in multiple markets, (AT&T and NBCUniversal being the most recent)?

This is sure to be an exciting and insightful event.  We will also have presentations by a world-renowned economist Jason Schenker and TPP Global Trade Expert Timothy Barnes.  Don’t miss it!