CPFR Model:  3. Execution: Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR): A Tutorial

CPFR Model: 3. Execution

CPFR Execution
Order Generation Overview
Order Generation Steps
Order Generation Output

h2. CPFR Execution


Place orders, prepare and deliver shipments, receive and stock product on retail shelves, record sales transactions and make payments. Also called the order to cash cycle.

  • Order generation
    • Transitions order forecasts into firm demand
    • Order fulfillment
  • Producing, shipping, delivering, and stocking the products

h2. Order Generation Overview

  • This step marks the transformation of the order forecast into a committed order.
  • Either the seller or buyer can handle order generation depending on competencies, systems, and resources.
  • Regardless of who completes this task, the created order is expected to consume the forecast.

h2. Order Generation Steps

Order Generation Output

  • A committed order generated directly from the frozen period of the order forecast.
  • An order acknowledgment sent by the customer