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Jan 13, 2017  |  Articles

Post-mortem on Christmas Logistics Chaos: On Customer Commitments and Transparency

As we look back on the chaos that erupted during the pre-Christmas rush, discussions with executives suggest that there is still a long way to go.  Most logistics companies are still far from being able to fully integrate data and […]

Nov 13, 2016  |  Director's Blog

Van Horne Institute Considers Alaska Transport Route, and Weighs Trump's Plans for Keystone XL

On election night last week, I was stationed in Calgary Alberta, watching the results unfold in Mountain Time, and wondering what was going on in the country I’ve adopted as home.  You see, I’m a native Calgarian, and was visiting […]

Oct 14, 2015  |  Director's Blog

The View from Houston: DHL Global Energy Conference 2015

I had the opportunity to speak to a group of oil and gas executives at the DHL Global Energy conference this week, held in the Petroleum Club.  I was joined by one of my former NC State students, Scott Frahm, […]

Apr 20, 2015  |  Articles

SCRC Meeting April 27-28 on Supply Chain Risk: Building a Risk Management Capability

We are in the last stages of planning for our upcoming 31st Semi-Annual Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) Meeting  on Monday and Tuesday, April 27-28, 2015 at North Carolina State University. The theme of the general meeting will focus on a topic of […]

Feb 26, 2015  |  Articles

Omni-Channel Supply Chains Are Changing Everything You Ever Learned in School…

A senior executive from a large global manufacturer came to speak in my MBA class this week, and discussed the major shifts in global business that was occurring due to the emergence of omni-channel capabilities in the supply chain.  His […]

Dec 22, 2014  |  Director's Blog

The rush before Christmas…the UPS elves are crazy busy!

Today’s Wall Street Journal documented the new, upgraded UPS service that is running full tilt to bring packages in before Christmas.  This is an on-going concern, after the debacle last year when UPS’s systems shut down in the face of […]

Dec 5, 2014  |  Articles

More Challenges for the Transportation Network: Day 2 of the SCRC Meeting

Speakers are the SCRC meeting yesterday and today continued to speak more on the topic of transportation strategy given increasing challenges in the transportation sector, and the need for an effective transportation management strategy. George List, a professor of mechanical […]

Dec 4, 2014  |  Articles

Transportation Strategy in a Constrained Infrastructure: 30th SCRC Meeting Kicks Off Today

The 30th SCRC meeting kicked off today with a theme on “Transportation Strategy in an Infrastructure Constrained Environment”.  This is a theme that was discussed a year ago at a conference in DC on Transportation Infrastructure, over coffee with William […]

Feb 21, 2014  |  Director's Blog

What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? Guest Post by Arun Gupta, PhD

Arun Gupta recently went to a conference of the TPP in Washington, and was invited to share some insights on his visit and what he learned in a guest blog. In its current form the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a […]

Dec 16, 2013  |  Articles

Handfield's Supply Chain Analytics Predictions for 2014

2013 has certainly been an interesting year!   I’ve had the good fortune to be presented with opportunities for compelling discussions with a significant group of leading thinkers, senior executives in procurement, logistics, and technology management over this past year.  […]