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Best Supply Chain Blogs

Xeneta just posted their list of the “Top 24 Best Supply Chain Blogs“, which provides some great resources available to readers.  These blogs span a wide variety of topics, and when combined, give you an idea of just how many different topics are comprised in the area of what professionals call “Supply Chain Management”.  Oddly enough, when I mention that I work in the supply chain area, the response I most often get from non-SCM’ers is something around “Doesn’t that have to do with shipping stuff?” or even better “What is that exactly”?

Based on these blogs, you can see that they tend to cluster around the following areas:

Technology  – Supply Chain Matters (impacts of technology), Supply Chain Shaman (enterprise applications), Next Gen Transportation (Transportation Innovation)

Freight & Transportation – Cerasis Blog (small package and LTL), Freightos Blog (Freight and Logistics), , Flexport (Global Shipping), GCaptain (Facebook for Logistics), GLogistics (shippers and carriers), Shipping and Freight Resources, Transport Topics, Transport Monthly, Kaneisable (Consumer Distribution blog).

Air Transportation – The Loadstar (Airfreight), Air Transportation World,

General Logistics – Talking Logistics, Logistics Matter, Logistics Viewpoint, Forbes Logistics, WSJ Logistics, Journal of Commerce, Logistics Management, Transport & Logistics Magazine,

Distribution  – DC Velocity, Xenata

Supply Chain Education and Procurement Capabilities – Supply Chain View from the Field.

I would also add to this list, Spend Matters, which focuses on procurement technology solutions, as a key blog.  It is interesting that there are so few blogs on the world of procurement – a topic which we cover a lot in my blog.

Lots to keep you busy!