Feb 27, 2016  |  Director's Blog

Academics share insights about sustainable supply chains at NC State Workshop

I had the opportunity to sit in on a number of academic presentations today, as part of the Environmentally Sustainable Supply Chain Management Workshop for Early-Career Faculty.  During the morning, we heard from a number of individuals in a session […]

Dec 15, 2015  |  Director's Blog

Poole COM to host the 2nd Annual Workshop on Sustainable Supply Chain Management February 26 – 28, 2016

I am excited to announce an academic conference being hosted by Professor Eda Kemahlioglu Ziya and myself on sustainable supply chain management strategies in February.  This is a follow-on session to the first conference of this sort held at Georgia Tech […]

Sep 18, 2015  |  Director's Blog

Sustainable Supply Chains Requires Effective Supply Management Capabilities!

Globalization has created the emergence of sophisticated supplier networks, creating management challenges as exposure to volatility and complexity of global sourcing has emerged.  While Western organizations have met short-term cost reduction and flexibility goals through outsourcing, it has been at […]

Aug 14, 2015  |  Director's Blog

Industrial Biotechnology: Designing the new bio-based supply chain of the future

In the recent issue of Industrial Biotechnology, Jay Golden and I published a set of insights related to the challenges that exist as part of the industrial biobased economy. As part of the reauthorization of the 2014 Farm Bill, we […]

Apr 9, 2015  |  Director's Blog

Duke Energy CEO Talks About Leadership

Lynn Good, Duke Energy’s CEO, spoke at NC State this week, and shared her many thoughts on leadership and transformation.  Her vision for what is otherwise often considered a stable and boring industry, energy utilities, provided a great deal for […]

Mar 13, 2015  |  Director's Blog

Q: Food vs Fuel? A: Wrong question…We need more efficient markets!

I have been working with Jay Golden at Duke University on the biobased forecasting project for the USDA, seeking to understand the current scope of the biobased product market ( focused on non-fuel, non-food products).  I had the opportunity to […]

Nov 10, 2014  |  Director's Blog

Sustainable Luxury:  Managing Social and Environmental Performance in Iconic Brands (BOOK REVIEW)

“Luxury is a necessity that begins when necessity ends.”   – Coco Chanel In this blog, I review the new book “Sustainable Luxury” by Gardetti and Torres. Most people who buy a luxury product, whether it is a Gucci purse, an […]

Oct 8, 2014  |  Director's Blog

USDA releases study on Biobased Economy

The USDA released a new study that I worked on with Jay Golden from Duke University this past summer.  We spent a good deal of time collecting research from a variety of different sources, to put together a picture of […]

Aug 27, 2014  |  Director's Blog

Insights into Ethical Supply Chains – from Software Advice

I was interviewed by Forrest Burnson from Software Advice — a company providing SCM software research and reviews — earlier this month on insights related to sustainable supply chains. This is an area that is proving to be a challenge for […]

Jun 20, 2014  |  Director's Blog

The Emergence of the Biobased Economy

Jay Golden from Duke University and I have been working on a study of the biobased economy…. Throughout human history agriculture been used for non-food purposes including energy, clothing, shelter, medicines and every day human needs. With the industrial revolution, […]