Healthcare Supply Management

Mar 29, 2014  |  Director's Blog

Major Trends Impacting the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Ecosystem

As “Obamacare” continues to plow forward, the effects on the healthcare environment are slowly but surely being felt.  One of the biggest recipients of this trend is the pharmaceutical environment. Several trends have shaped the pharmaceutical ecosystem in the last […]

Nov 19, 2013  |  Director's Blog

Managing What's Important in Healthcare – Guest Blog by David Gebler

Focus on What Matters – The One Thing that will Sustain Continuous Improvement in Healthcare By David Gebler “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” – Albert […]

Aug 8, 2013  |  Director's Blog

SCRC Partner Profile: A Textbook Transformation at Biogen-Idec

Although strategic sourcing capabilities are well established in industries ranging from automotive to electronics, they are still in the formative stages in the biotechnology sector.   It isn’t easy to drive change in biotech companies for a number of reasons. With […]

Jul 10, 2013  |  Articles

Using RFID Two Bin Kanban at the University of Chicago Medical Center: Healthcare Analytics Innovation!

When Jon Stegner walked in to his first week at the University of Chicago Medical Center, one of the first places he visited was the Emergency Room, and the nearby supply room. What he saw there, was in his words, […]

Jan 24, 2013  |  Director's Blog

Healthcare Reform Begins with Comparative Cost Effectiveness: A Revolution in Healthcare Management

Josh Feldstein from the Center for Applied Value Analysis came to speak in my class today, and provided a fascinating view of the future for healthcare. CAVA started off as a spinoff of Josh’s medical education firm.  He could clearly […]

Jun 29, 2012  |  Director's Blog

Supreme Court Passes ObamaCare – but the Real Work Lies Ahead…

The passing of the Obama Healthcare Reform Act, and the subsequent vote by the Supreme Court that the requirement that forces individuals to pay a tax if they do not comply, is perhaps not as surprising as the press would […]

Jun 1, 2012  |  Director's Blog

A new way of looking at the biopharma industry

My new book comes out this month, which focuses on the biopharma supply chain and the numerous trends and challenges that exist today, and which will continue to occur down the road.. Titled “Distribution, Regulatory, Systems, and Structural Changes in […]

Jan 27, 2012  |  Director's Blog

The Lowly UNSPSC Is Moving up in the Supply Chain World!

The inauspicious UNSPSC (United Nations) code began as a historical marriage between the UN code set and a code set with a commercial concern (Dunn & Bradstreet).  The focus initially was to begin to drive some standardization in the way […]

Oct 7, 2011  |  Director's Blog

The New Era of Healthcare Visibility Compliance

At a recent conference held by Tracelink (Nexus Conference, New Brunswick, NJ, Septmber 2011), Bob Celeste from the GS1 organization shared his views on how the new era of visibility in the healthcare landscape is evolving. Visibility is a term […]

Oct 5, 2011  |  Director's Blog

Don't blame Obama for the malaise of healthcare…

Over the last eight years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with many different participants in the healthcare supply chain: drug manufacturers, Group Purchasing Organizations, retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, physicians, consultants, academics, clinical researchers, third party logistics providers, pharmacy benefits […]