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Director’s Blog

Apr 22, 2011

The World Feels the Ripples from Japan's Tsunami

After the first shock of hearing about the loss of life in Japan, managers in companies such as Microsoft, Ford, Nintendo, and Komatsu around the world then begin to feel the global impact caused by this major event on their supply chains. Those impacts may last for many years to come. 

Apr 20, 2011

Issues Facing Private Label Suppliers in the Grocery Industry

I was recently asked about some of the issues facing private label suppliers in the grocery industry. I pulled together some thoughts based on a study we did with a… 

Apr 7, 2011

Ripple Effects of Japan's Tsunami in the Construction Equipment Industry

The world’s supply chains are feeling the ripple effects of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. This is hitting a number of heavy construction equipment providers where it hurts. One of… 

Apr 6, 2011

Packaging: An Often Overlooked Element of the Life Sciences Supply Chain

Manufacturers in the life sciences are struggling with a number of market challenges that are having a major impact on profitability and growth. Packaging is often maligned in this environment,… 

Mar 24, 2011

Japan and Libya: A Mixture for Economic Disaster? Or not?

With the earthquake in Japan and the events in Libya, people are quaking in their boots. Many fear that the current environment will combine to provide a death-blow to global… 

Mar 24, 2011

Sustainability: A Flash in the Pan? Or a Collaborative Capability?

Environmental management is emerging as a focal business strategy to reduce environmental risks, improve market share and realise corporate profits, with the added benefit of increasing the ethical and ecological… 

Feb 22, 2011

The Demise of OIl and Gas Exploration in Libya Before It Even Begun

I recently spoke with a senior procurement executive at a large oil and gas company conducting exploration projects in Libya. This gentleman shared with me some of the challenges of… 

Feb 18, 2011

Sustainability and the Supply Chain Agenda

We are pleased to announce our upcoming 23rd Semi-Annual Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) Meeting. The meeting will take place on April 28th and 29th at NC State University in Raleigh,… 

Feb 10, 2011

New Developments in Warehouse Management Systems

A new report by Michael Koploy, a writer for Software Advice, presents some interesting observations on what is happening in the world of IT investment in supply chain software applications.… 

Feb 8, 2011

Corporate United's Collaboration Awards

Corporate United, the nation’s largest group purchasing organization, recently announced its 2011 Collaboration Awards. The Corporate United Collaboration Awards have been established to honor procurement, sourcing, supply chain and other…