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Jan 25, 2011

Double Exponential Smoothing: Approaches to Forecasting : A Tutorial

Double Exponential Smoothing What Is Double Exponential Smoothing? Time Series with Trend: Double Exponential Smoothing h2. What Is Double Exponential Smoothing? ‚Ķlike regular exponential smoothing, except includes a component to… 

Jan 25, 2011

Exponential Smoothing: Approaches to Forecasting : A Tutorial

Exponential Smoothing What is Exponential Smoothing? Exponential Smoothing Forecaset with a = .3 h2. What is Exponential Smoothing? A type of weighted moving averaging model Part of many forecasting packages;… 

Oct 22, 2003

E-Procurement and the Purchasing Process

Many organizations are beginning to re-evaluate their purchasing processes, and identify new types of e-procurement tools that will meet their needs. This summer, Karl Mundt and Mark Benson have been… 

Sep 11, 2003

Is Your Procurement Organization Ready for Outsourcing?

It is notable that the success of an outsourced project is not only dependent on technological capability, but is more dependent on the service organization to effectively communicate with its… 

Aug 28, 2003

Measuring the Maturity of Procurement Practices

Many companies today are deploying a myriad of procurement strategies, including: Applying reverse auctions to all commodities Apply strategic alliances with all commodities Outsourcing of key business processes Leveraging and… 

May 15, 2003

Procurement Technology and Trust

For the average company, purchased products and services account for more than 60% of their total costs (1). That makes procurement a likely candidate for cost reduction efforts. Procurement technology…