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Apr 27, 2019  |  Articles

Closing the Gap Between Buyers and Sellers: “Everything is Changed, Nothing is Different”

We hosted an extremely successful set of speakers at our SCRC meeting this past week.  One of my core beliefs, that I’ve espoused over the 30 years that I’ve been working in this field, is that working together for mutually […]

Jul 16, 2018  |  Articles

Pharmaceutical offshoring makes recalls more costly with more quality headaches

I spent some time working on a study of how offshoring impacts quality issues, specifically product recalls, with a number of researchers at the University of Palermo, led by Manfredi Bruccoleri.  Our research led to some very interesting findings on […]

Jun 21, 2018  |  Articles

The Risks and Benefits of Socializing with Suppliers

I had a chance to meet with a group of supply chain executives at the University of Calgary this week, which included a discussion by Ken Rawson.  Ken has over 30 years of experience working in supply management, first with […]

Dec 21, 2011  |  Articles

Supplier Management – The Need of the Hour [Webinar Recording]

About the Supplier Management – The Need of the Hour Webinar This webinar focuses on the topic of supplier relationship management, and deals with the questions that many supply chain managers have on this subject. Rob Handfield hosts a number […]

Jan 24, 2011  |  Articles

References: An Analysis of Supplier Evaluation

References 1 Barlas, D. August 2001. When EDI is mandatory. 2 Browing, J. September 2000. Developing “fast track” policies and procedures. CAPS Research. 4(1): 7-13. 3 Carr, A. & Pearson, J. 1999. Strategically managed buyer-supplier relationships and performance outcomes. […]

Jan 24, 2011  |  Articles

Future Developments: An Analysis of Supplier Evaluation

Future Developments If corporations continue to increase their use of manufacturing and services outsourcing, then the demand for supplier evaluation should increase. It should also follow that there will be an increase in the overall demand for supplier evaluation techniques […]

Jan 24, 2011  |  Articles

Case Studies: An Analysis of Supplier Evaluation

Case Studies Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group Top Suppliers Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group, BCAG, is a firm that demonstrates excellence in the area of supplier evaluation (22). It has a total of 3,100 suppliers. BCAG has put […]

Jan 24, 2011  |  Articles

Expected Costs and Benefits: An Analysis of Supplier Evaluation

Expected Costs and Benefits Benefits Costs h2. Benefits By becoming more competent in supplier evaluation, firms can expect a number of financial and non-financial benefits. Each particular quality sought in a vendor provides a firm with a different type of […]

Jan 24, 2011  |  Articles

Implementation Issues: An Analysis of Supplier Evaluation

Implementation Issues 7-Stage Process 1. Develop a high-level plan 2. Develop a process plan 3. Acquire data 4. Evaluate supplier 5. Select / develop supplier 6. Implement the project 7. Performance measurement and continuous improvement Implementation Risks and Pitfalls 7-Stage […]

Jan 24, 2011  |  Articles

Associated Technologies: An Analysis of Supplier Evaluation

Associated Technologies Business-to-Business Networks (B2B) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Extensible Markup Language (XML) Web Exchanges Trust and Information Sharing Given the variety of services and products that the economy provides, companies have varying needs for technological assistance with the supplier […]