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Information Flows

Jan 19, 2011

Supply Chain Inventory Visibility

Software applications that permit monitoring events across a supply chain. These systems track and trace inventory globally on a line-item level and notify the user of significant deviations from plans.… 

Jan 19, 2011


The business function that attempts to predict sales and use of products so they can be purchased or manufactured in appropriate quantities in advance. Source: (10th ed.) 

Jan 14, 2011

Capacity – Information Flows

Capacity is the capability of a worker, machine, work center, plant, or organization to produce output per time period. Information aids us in addressing capacity availability, unused capacity and performance… 

Jan 13, 2011

Business-to-Business Commerce (B2B)

Business being conducted over the Internet between businesses. The implication is that this connectivity will cause businesses to transform themselves via supply chain management to become virtual organizations, reducing costs,… 

Jan 13, 2011

Activity-Based Management (ABM)

The use of activity-based costing information about cost pools and drivers, activity analysis, and business processes to identify business strategies; improve product design, manufacturing, and distribution; and remove waste from… 

Jan 13, 2011

Activity-Based Cost Accounting (ABC)

A cost accounting system that accumulates costs based on activities performed and then uses cost drivers to allocate these costs to products or other bases, such as customers, markets, or…