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Feb 26, 2021  |  Articles

How Restaurant Owners Can Prepare for High Demand Amid Re-Openings

As restaurants face increasing demand to reopen after a year of living with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, owners will need food and beverage suppliers to deliver goods quickly and efficiently. Failure to do so–whether caused by the inability of trucks […]

Feb 26, 2021  |  Articles

Jungheinrich Seeks to Improve Focus on Sustainability

Jungheinrich, a German company that oversees material handling-equipment and material flow engineering sectors, has decided to make sustainability their top priority.

Feb 24, 2021  |  Articles

Is E-Commerce the New Commerce?

Poole College professor Don Warsing weighs in on how Internet-based transactions are now the norm. Should re-evaluate how we define, teach and approach the concept of commerce?

Feb 23, 2021  |  Articles

The Fourth Industrial Revolutions Puts Human Workers First

The global pandemic has been devastating for many, yet there is a silver lining: the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has served as a catalyst for many technological advancements, especially in the supply chain, ultimately ushering in the incoming Fourth Industrial Revolution, […]

Feb 20, 2021  |  Articles

Preparing for the E-Commerce Boom: The Need for Efficiency is Crucial

Since the global pandemic, online shopping has increased, thus resulting in a torrent of customer returns. Because of this, supply chain planning is more crucial than ever when thinking about reverse logistics. Obstacles include: customer dissatisfaction returns shipping costs customer […]

Feb 19, 2021  |  Articles

Don’t Get Stung by Money Loss: 5 Ways to Improve Pest Control Spend

Pest control is an expense that is usually seen as a minor issue. However, the average savings in this category can be up to 20-30% if approached strategically. To determine if your company’s pest control programs needs an inspection, consider […]

Feb 8, 2021

On-demand Trucking Paves New Roads for the Industry

The pandemic has created an exigency for on-demand strategies from both consumers and businesses. The trucking industry is no exception, especially as technological advances ensue. 

Feb 5, 2021  |  Articles

More Holiday Sales Means More Returns, Need for Effective Hazardous Waste Management

Retailers are expected to face above-average sales again next Christmas, and the number of returns is predicted to be just as large. As returns increase, companies will need to remain vigilant in adhering to changing environmental regulations, considering many returns […]

Feb 4, 2021

Staying on Track: Are Autonomous Trains the Future of Rail Logistics?

Many businesses have derailed because of the global pandemic. However, the demand for freight railroads has actually increased and, due to technological advancements in automation and big data, it is possible we will witness self-driving trains in the future.  Autonomous […]

Jan 29, 2021  |  Articles

New Technology to Help with Social Distance Tracking Among Employees

While many businesses learn to adapt to the era of COVID-19, the needs for social distancing and sanitary requirements are still a high demand. Companies are also concerned with technologies that will ensure the safety of their employees. One solution […]