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1IT Enterprise publishes special issue on Big Data Predictions

The online magazine 1IT Enterprise recently published a special issue on some of the emerging predictions about Big Data in their latest ediction.  Many of the enterprises working in this space are still thinking about how applications can access data in the cloud, how cross-cutting applications can move from data centers to cloud-based computing, as well as how mobile messaging will become part of your daily life, exploiting GPS capabilities while accessing your calendar.  Some apps are already doing this, such as Waze which reminds you to leave early for an appointment on your calendar if traffic is particularly heavy.  In addition, museums and other locations will no longer need audio guides, as they can provide this through updated cloud-based audio files.  I provided some of my earlier predictions about procurement and supply chain analytics (pp. 42-43), but what really struck me about this special issue is the number of different industries and experiences that will be impacted by the growing digital revolution.  There are stories about how utilities will be alerted to intra-grid disruptions, how airports will change customers’ experience, how bricks and mortar stores can get more walk-by people to convert into in-store customers, and a host of other examples.

The confluence of digitization of objects, cloud-based computing, mobile computing, GPS and sensor data, and the growing connectedness of individuals to the digital economy is resulting in some incredible changes in the way we live our lives.  Are we ready for this change?   And have we thought about how to design our supply chains to deal with these new market forms?